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Outsmarting Alzheimer’s

Feeling helpless as two different family members struggled with dementia, I jumped at the opportunity to work with renowned neuroscientist Ken Kosik, of UC Santa Barbara. Full Story »

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect allowed me to break into the business book category. Full Story »

Be Fearless

If your life is the same one year from now, will you be okay with it? Full Story »

Dangerous Instincts

What can an FBI profiler teach you about making decisions? Just about everything. Full Story »

Project: Happily Ever After

As seen on the TODAY Show, CBS Early Show, Better TV, Fox News, and more. Full Story »

Back to Life After a Heart Crisis

Winner of a Book for a Better Life Award and Wall Street Journal Book of the Year. Full Story »

The Skinny

New York Times Bestseller Full Story »


For "Help Your Marriage Survive Parenthood," I got personal, blending first person essay with reported advice. Full Story »

Family Circle

"This was one of the most popular articles of the year," my editor told me. Full Story »

Sex Is

I wrote a sex column for Sex Is magazine and website for many months. Full Story »

Women’s Health

When Women's Health hired me to write about food allergies, it gave me a chance to learn more about my own condition. Full Story »

Better Homes & Gardens

I've written numerous stories for Better Homes and Gardens over the years. Full Story »

American Baby

I love when a project changes my life, and this article did just that. Full Story »

Stop Aging, Start Living

Dr. Graf not only hired me to write a book, she also made over my life, my face and my energy levels. Full Story »

The 90 Second Fitness Solution

Made into the world's first "vook" Full Story »

The Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution

What does diabetes have to do with stress, depression, and diabetes? Just about everything. Full Story »

Runner’s World

I worked as the health and fitness editor for Runner's World during the late 1990s. Full Story »

Experience Life

I love a good challenge, and this assignment presented me with many. Full Story »

Yoga Journal

I wrote YJ's Yoga Conditioning column for two years. Full Story »


Alisa Bowman

Somewhere, hidden within the jumble of an author’s lifetime of experiences, insights and knowledge, is a commercially appealing book concept. I love the moment I find that concept. As I sculpt it into a book, I absorb an author’s expressions and tone of voice and project them onto the printed page. The result is a book that appeals to readers, generates word-of-mouth buzz, and sounds as if the author wrote it him or herself.

Alisa Bowman is a journalist, book collaborator, and author and co-author of several books, including Project: Happily Ever After and Pitch Perfect. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.