What to do about bad book reviews

The answer: nothing. If you are an author who is about to publish, my best advice is this: expect bad reviews. Rather than see them as criticism—as reasons to feel depressed, reach for the vodka, and wish you’d never published–think of bad reviews as one of the hallmarks of a successful book. Some of the […]

21 Ways to Make Sure No One Writes About Your Book

Send a blind press release to every blogger you find listed in a PR database. Do not bother to study each blog. Start your release, “Dear Blogger.” Pretend you are a blogger’s biggest fan. Start your pitch, “I love your blog!” Assume the blogger won’t be smart enough to figure out that you not only […]

What Should You Call Your Book?

Make a list of all of the words that describe your book. Split the words into categories of nouns, adjectives and verbs. Then mix and match them at random to create word phrases. Don’t edit yourself. Just have fun and see what comes up. Think about this question: How is my book different? Your title […]