Alisa is the ultimate professional. She's smart, she's experienced, and she's a pleasure to work with. She takes raw material and structures, shapes, and polishes it into top-quality books that sell well.
- Marian Lizzi, executive editor, Perigee Books and G.P. Putnam's Sons, Penguin Group USA


Alisa is so great to work with. She’s a terrific writer, problem solver, and even visionary in the way she takes an idea and grows it into something compelling for readers. She is totally reliable and wonderfully calm, even when there is chaos swirling around her. I count us lucky in having been able to work with her and hope we will again!”

– Caroline Sutton, editor in chief, Hudson Street Press, Penguin Group USA

I could fill a book with praise for Alisa—she is a stellar writer with a lovely personality. Our editorial collaboration remains one of the most enjoyable of my career. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again!”

–Ursula Cary, senior editor, Rodale Books

Alisa Bowman is a godsend! I’ve worked with her on two occasions, both on projects that were troubled, to say the least, and Alisa is single-handedly responsible for not only making those two books happen but for making them good. And she did it in record time, with very little guidance. Plus she is amazingly accommodating of rush requests to answer queries or rewrite material or do additional research or whatever else happens to be needed at the time. A thorough researcher, a clear and concise writer, and a true professional. If Alisa was on every project of mine, my job would be very easy!”

– Andrea Au Levitt, senior editor, Reader’s Digest books

Alisa’s a great writer and a fantastic reporter and researcher. Most important, she’s easy to work with. She always hits her deadlines, keeps me up to date on what’s going on with her stories, and is flexible when things change (as they always do in publishing.)”

- Bridget Doherty, MPH, former senior editor, Women’s Health magazine

Alisa is an excellent writer, but that’s not why I refer so many authors to her. She’s also positively unflappable. She’s one of those rare people who sees a problem and immediately finds a solution. For this reason and many more, she’s a joy to work with.”

- Heather Jackson, editor, Crown

Alisa is the ultimate professional. She’s smart, she’s experienced, and she’s a pleasure to work with. She takes raw material and structures, shapes, and polishes it into top-quality books that sell well. I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to work with her, and I hope to work with her more in the future.”

- Marian Lizzi, executive editor, Perigee Books and G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Penguin Group USA

Alisa has patience and goodwill to spare. She’s able to spin gold out of the most challenging authors, the most demanding deadlines, and the most fickle editorial guidance. She’s never late, she always has a positive attitude, and she doesn’t turn in a word unless it’s up to her standards. It used to be that I would turn to Alisa when I had a manuscript in serious need of shaping (or an author in serious need of management), but Alisa is so much more than that. She’s a creative writer who deals in facts and details—and egos. I’ve never seen her lose composure or show disrespect to her clients. How many people get the opportunity to work with someone who’s such an all-around joy?”

- Jennifer Kushnier, former senior editor, Adams Media

Alisa is every editor’s dream. I have worked with Alisa on seven books, each with very prominent author ‘experts,’ and she has come through for me in every way. She delivers well-written manuscripts on time and bursting with tantalizing facts and fresh angles. She can inhabit the body of any author for whom she writes, mimicking their voice with pitch-perfect precision. She is a true collaborator, helping to develop the books’ hooks, flesh out the tables of contents, even pitch in on writing marketing materials and handling author management. And although I’d love to give her enough work to keep her all to myself, I’ve personally recommended her to dozens of other editors and agents, each of whom have been delighted with her work. She makes everyone with whom she works look good—and, sometimes even more important, feel good. Alisa is a tour de force writing talent, a consummate editorial professional, and a gem of a human being.”

- Mariska Van Aalst, former senior editor, Rodale, Inc.

From our first meeting when Alisa came to my club to video me for research for my first book, she has shown a level of professionalism and integrity that is not often seen in the publishing world. We have worked on 3 books together and over the years, have transcended a work relationship to one of friendship.”

- David Kirsch, celebrity fitness trainer and author, Ultimate New York Body Plan and Ultimate New York Diet.

Alisa proved not only to be top notch writer and editor, but a true partner. Our collaboration resulted in a dynamic, reader-friendly in-magazine section about heart health, a timely and relevant topic for our magazine’s audience. Throughout the process, she served as an invaluable extension of our marketing team, balancing her editorial talents with resourcefulness to help us deliver a creative and compelling execution. From her interviews with leading medical and health experts, to engaging writing, to expert editing, she did it all. And, together, we produced an indispensable resource for our community, and we look forward to working together in the future.”

- Mindy Spire, Runner’s World magazine

Alisa Bowman is a talented writer with a wonderful knack for conveying complicated health information to the everyday reader.”

- Joy Bauer, R.D., best-selling author, Today Show nutrition consultant, and Self magazine columnist

Alisa’s not just a joy to work with, which she most definitely is. She’s also talented, focused, deadline-oriented, and well versed in key areas like health, fitness, and nutrition.”

- Amby Burfoot, former executive editor of Runner’s World

Alisa Bowman is a journalist, book collaborator, and author and co-author of several books, including Project: Happily Ever After and Pitch Perfect. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.